What you need to know about the 2020 Plan

What is 2020 Plan?

It is actually two plans, in which participants must enroll simultaneously. The first is a self-insured group health plan which provides Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) as defined under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and also COVID-19 testing, both at no additional cost (beyond the monthly program fee, which pays for both plans). The second is a supplemental plan which covers the cost of treatment for those who become infected with COVID-19, including hospitalization and intensive care if necessary.

Isn’t the government going to pay for all this anyway?

No. The federal government has mandated that all health insurance plans provide free testing, but is not reimbursing carriers for them. Participants already in ACA plans and receiving premium subsidies due to low income are the only ones getting “free coverage” from the government.

Who is eligible to participate in 2020 Plan?

All employees and partners of Consumer Data Partners LP (CDP). Anyone with a computer and/or a smartphone can become a CDP limited partner, and become eligible for participation in 2020 Plan by meeting partnership requirements. More information may be found at www.ConsumerDataLP.com

How much does 2020 Plan cost?

Total monthly fees are $195 for an individual, $390 for an individual and spouse, $390 for an individual and dependent children, and $585 for a family.

How much are deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance?

Zero. 2020 Plan pays for the cost of COVID-19 testing and treatment from the first dollar.

I’ve heard that 2020 Plan is non-profit. How does that work?

If the 2020 Plan claims account is over-funded (meaning that costs of coverage for seriously ill participants is less than projected), the excess will be refunded to participants pro rata according to how much each has paid in. (For example, an individual who has been on the plan for one year would receive twice as large a share of the total refund as another individual who has been on the plan for six months.) Excess funding – if any – will be calculated at the wind-down date of 2020 Plan, which is currently forecast to be December 31, 2021 or sooner. (Projected wind-down is based on current estimates of the maximum time needed to develop, test, and make widely available one or more vaccines to immunize against COVID-19, plus a 90-day “tail” period to resolve outstanding claims.)

If I don’t get sick, will I get a bigger refund?

No. Refunds, if any, will be determined by the total cost of covering all claims, and by the number of months each participant has paid into the plan. Individual medical outcomes are not a factor.

What are the benefit limits and how were they determined?

The supplemental portion of 2020 Plan pays a maximum benefit of $25,000. According to the Health System Tracker, a partnership of the highly respected Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average cost of treating the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients – those who have major complications and “comorbidity” (meaning two or more serious diseases or health conditions) – will be approximately $20,300 . In parts of the US where care is most expensive, that figure increases to $24,200. The maximum 2020 Plan benefit is set above that, at $25,000.

What if I require hospitalization for COVID-19 and I get billed for an amount over the benefit limit?

The 2020 Plan claim administrators will advocate forcefully on behalf of 2020 Plan participants to prevent so-called “balance billing.” Hospitals and other providers will be under strong pressure from the government and public opinion not to overcharge COVID-19 patients, and the maximum 2020 Plan benefit should therefore be more than adequate for any outcome.

Can 2020 Plan be combined with other health insurance?

Yes. 2020 Plan benefits may be used to supplement any other health coverage, and may be particularly valuable for those with high-deductible plans (either employer-sponsored, or individual market ACA-compliant “Obamacare” plans). 2020 Plan pays from first dollar for COVID-19 treatment, until deductibles on any other plan have been fully satisfied. A combination of 2020 Plan with a traditional major medical plan thus ensures that a participant who becomes ill as a result of COVID-19 will have the most complete financial protection possible.

How is this different from “cooperative” arrangements, such as Christian Sharing Ministries?

So-called “Sharing” plans are not insurance, and cannot legally obtain reinsurance. Claims funding is therefore limited to the amount actually contributed by participants, less sales commissions and administrative fees, and may be inadequate. 2020 Plan is backed by several layers of reinsurance, which is more than adequate to cover any foreseeable outcome from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I enroll just for a few months, until we see how bad the pandemic really is?

No. Enrollment requires a twelve month minimum commitment, billed monthly. Participants can also reduce monthly costs by pre-paying at least six months in advance.

How do I enroll, or get more information?

Enrollment may be completed online at www.ConsumerDataLP.com. Those who prefer to enroll by telephone, or who have more questions, may call 1-800-957-3992. Due to the high volume of calls, you may be asked to leave a message and receive a callback from the enrollment team.

How quickly will 2020 Plan coverage take effect?

15 calendar days following enrollment. During that time, enrollees will receive ID cards and all other necessary information.

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